Barker Family Farm 

​​​Dog Adventure Outings, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding


 Dog Walking Options

  • ​​Solo Walks : You can choose between a quick potty break or a leisurely 15-30 minute solo leashed walk once to twice a day. 
  • Dog Park Romps: 60-min play at the a local dog park during the warm months and Farm Park play during the winter months to ensure our pups always have access to fresh water and areas to relax between play time. 
  • Dog Adventure Hikes (weather permitting): 1.30 hour leashed hike along local hiking trails, when the weather is especially nice we go to great doggy swimming spots and have some great off leash adventures.
  • Daycare: Your pups get to enjoy all our daytime adventures. In the warm months they get to enjoy the dog park and an adventure hike. In the winter months they get to come and play at the Farm Park and still get their hike with time for a nap and treat between. 
  • We offer our walking services for The Greater Richmond Area and Beyond.
  • We come to you. Pick up and drop off included for all Dog Walking visits.
  • All dog walking parents get a portal so you can get precise pick up and drop off times, notes and photos from your pups day. 

Dog Boarding

  • Pup stays at our home as part of the family.
  • We maintain the standards and training you keep at home.
  • Minimizes any separation anxiety and territory anxiety for your pup. 
  • We keep to low numbers of 3 (we can increase numbers for households of 3+).
  • Pick up and drop off option for boarding. 
  • ​We do offer long term dog boarding packages.
  • We charge by night so you don't have to pay for the day of pickup. 
  • Bath and nail trim option during your pups stay.

                                      *We are Cat and Dog CPR & First Response Certified.​​