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Barker Family Farm first started out as Barker Brothers Boarding when we were still in Boston, MA. We moved back from Boston, MA in 2013 with Tank, Tucker, Chester and Sheba, and two humans. Since our move our family has grown. We are very excited to have opened up our own dog walking and dog boarding service where we can also teach horse riding to our non furry visitors here in Chesterfield, VA and stretching all the way to the city of Richmond.

Sam is originally from South Africa and Andrew was born and raised here in Chesterfield.  It was their love for dogs that brought them together when they met up while they were both living in Boston. Andrew met Sam while looking for someone to keep an eye Tucker (the oldest of the barker family dogs).

Sam has over ten years of experience working with both domestic and exotic animals, is trained in both first aid and CPR for pets and people, a trained horseback riding instructor and worked for many years in the veterinary world. Sam decided to open her own dog boarding and walking business so she could be with the pups, bringing them joy and making sure they are in the happiest of environments when they can't be with their pup parents. 

Andrew doesn't have the formal training of Sam, but he has grown up with dogs and certainly knows how to spoil all the animals. He loves to be outside and working to maintain the farm. Andrew helps create and maintain a happy fun filled environment for both the students and our adventure seeking dogs. You can always spot him on the farm usually playing with Tucker, Chester and Sheba, and spending time with the youngest Barker, their son Aiden.

​The rest of the furry family is Tucker (the oldest pup), Chester (the youngest pup), Sheba (the little diva), Tank (the brave gelding), Ozzy (the gentle giant appaloosa) and Fancy (the appaloosa who lives up to her name).

Sam Barker



Andrew Barker